The other day I had come home from somewhere and just completely lost my shit. These past few weeks have been filled with appointments and tests and I had had enough and the stress just had to come out of my eyeballs crying tears over something so insignificant at the time I can’t remember what it was. But at the time it had me worked up and I decided I just needed to meditate. I needed to sit and just be with my emotions at that moment. And by being present and putting space between me and my thoughts I found the perspective I needed to calm down and move on with my day.

I felt the need to write about this as a reminder to myself that when times get to be too much I always have the breath that I can return to, that I can meditate for just one minute and realize that thoughts are just thoughts and mean nothing. And this is important because they say managing stress is good for cancer survivors and overall health and for me meditation is the cheapest, easiest form of stress relief there is.

1 thought on “Meditation”

  1. Given my diagnoses (lung cancer), and my prognosis (Stage IV, so…) the idea underlying my breath(ing) has become so much richer and more expansive. It has become significantly easier to find it when I need it, and allow myself to let go into it. (And like you referenced: really cheap!)

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